Honest Trailers: Les Miserables

Oh how I hate those whiny depressing musicals about the struggles of man. And just because the man is actually a woman, and French. Sacre bleu !! So as you can imagine, the guys at Honest Trailers have prepared a special treat for you today. Season 1 Episode 21 brings you: Les Miserables.


Honest Trailers: Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn

Apparently, “Mouth-Breather” and “Shovel-Face” were way too popular with the teenage girls, because they made so many of these fucking movies. I bring you Season 1 Episode 20 of the Honest Trailers: Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Honest Trailers – The Notebook

Episode 19 of the first season of Honest Trailers brings us this cozy, couple, chick-flick known as “The Notebook“. Surprisingly, I’ve never seen the whole thing, just bits and pieces of it. And I really don’t care to sit down and watch. There, I said it.

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Honest Trailers – Skyfall

Definitely the most boring of the Daniel Craig’s 007 films. But I really love the James Bond movies overall, so I will have to give THIS ONE a pass.  (I know, I’m soft-hearted) At least the HT guy really tears into them this time.

Cannabis Strain Review: Channel


There is an old saying that the children of famous people are usually talentless. But not in this case. This is one of those cases, when the child of two celebrities has become famous all on its own. “Chanel” was brought about by crossing the award-winning “Big Bud” with a veteran of the cannabis community and award-winning cannabis strain “Skunk“. Yes, that same “Skunk” that made a big splash in the 1980s. I don’t think “Channel” has ever won a Cannabis Cup, but the strain does have several notable awards and recognitions.

The flowers have great “bag appeal”. (they look even better in the jar) Buds are big and dense, and are covered in crystals. Very frosty looking nugs. The color is a mixture of light green and pale orange, with streaks of red and purple.

Once you light up, the taste is heavy and aromatic. You will remember the old school smell of kind bud. That dense, heavy skunky smell of your childhood marijuana adventures.

Once you smell your childhood, the effects will start to roll in like the ocean waves. This famous product of celebrities porking is very potent, and will hit you hard with each wave. It’s Indica dominant genetics will relax you and help you sleep. It is a great strain for people with insomnia or that have trouble calming down.

THC level: 24% CBD level: unknown

Honest Trailers: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I was never really a big fan of Indiana Jones. But you gotta give credit to the old man Harrison Ford. I mean he is fantastic as a senior citizen action hero. Season 1 Episode 17 of Honest Trailers brings you “Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Please visit my HONEST TRAILERS page if you want to see all the episodes.

Honest Trailers: Inception

Oh, this is a great sci-fi movie to watch when you are high. The visual effects are top notch, and the soundtrack is killer. Plus the whole plot is such a mind fuck. Anyway, enjoy Episode 16 of Season 1 of Honest Trailers. So sci-fi while you’re HIGH.

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