Blast From The Past : Snow – Informer

Wow.  Talk about bringing back some memories. This track was all over the PPV Music Videos channels in Los Angeles.  I first came to this country at the end of 1991, and I was just 12 years old, and just learning to speak English when this song came out.  I was in LA, and Hip Hop was hopping in the California in the 1990s.

Years went by, and I completely forgot about it, but then I downloaded a “Mix for Your Ride #31”, by this Russian DJ, DJ Farta. And one of the tracks was Informer, by Snow.  So naturally, I had to throw that into my collection.  For the old times sake.  Old school.


Author: SovietStoner

Modern Day Gentleman Stoner. Connoisseur of Cannabis. Master of Medical Marijuana. Ohh yeah, did I mention I am 420 friendly, because I like to smoke weed, ganja and herb. Chronic is in my system. I puff on the Magic Dragon on the regular. I even get elevated, eventually. Be nice to The Universe, and The Universe will respond in kind.

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