Grow Journal: “Channel” – Day 60 of Flowering

#GrowJournal #cannabis #SovietStoner #Channel #BlueberryCough

No pictures today, sorry guys. But there is a video. No big news in the garden. As you know, once they start flowering there isn’t much to do but watch and water. I did trim up my vegetation sections because they were getting overgrown. Especially the top rack. It only has one fan, and there wasn’t enough air circulating. I had to chop down all the big leafs. I feel like a monster. A garden monster !!


Author: SovietStoner

Modern Day Gentleman Stoner. Connoisseur of Cannabis. Master of Medical Marijuana. Ohh yeah, did I mention I am 420 friendly, because I like to smoke weed, ganja and herb. Chronic is in my system. I puff on the Magic Dragon on the regular. I even get elevated, eventually. Be nice to The Universe, and The Universe will respond in kind.

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