Grow Journal: “Blueberry Cough” – Day 58 of Flowering

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July 22nd, 2018 – Day 58 of flowering. Only 12 days away from my target date of 70 days. I think I will start the flush on both plants that are on day 58. Not today, obviously, but tomorrow. That way they get 11 days of nothing but tap water. That should flush out the root system very well.

In other news, I started doing the Closed Captions for my videos on YouTube. Apparently people with low or no hearing are interested in my videos. Maybe that will help a little bit with search engine optimization.


Author: SovietStoner

Modern Day Gentleman Stoner. Connoisseur of Cannabis. Master of Medical Marijuana. Ohh yeah, did I mention I am 420 friendly, because I like to smoke weed, ganja and herb. Chronic is in my system. I puff on the Magic Dragon on the regular. I even get elevated, eventually. Be nice to The Universe, and The Universe will respond in kind.

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