Honest Trailers: The Lord of the Ring

This movie is awesome ! I loved the first two with all my heart, after the second one, they started to put out drizzle. So, enjoy Episode 15 of Season 1 of Honest Trailers: The Lord of the Rings.

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Honest Trailers: The Dark Knight Rises

Season 1 Episode 14 of the Honest Trailers brings us the 3rd attempt by Christian Bale to play Batman. And he does so, poorly. This is the worst of the Bale/Batman trilogy.

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Honest Trailers – Twilight 3: Eclipse

Season 1 Episode 13 of Honest Trailers goes right back to the Twilight series. No, seriously. It was THAT bad. The stares alone…


Honest Trailers – Twilight 2: New Moon

Geez, apparently those Twilight movies were really bad, because this is the second Honest Trailer in the FIRST SEASON !!  Season 1 Episode 12: Twilight 2: New Moon

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Honest Trailers: The Amazing Spider-Man

What can I say about this reboot, its very cartoony. A lot of CGI and badly drawn sequences. It was still an improvement on Tobey. Lucky for us, Episode 11 of the Honest Trailers does not disappoint. Enjoy.

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Honest Trailers: Paranormal Activity

Continuing with the Season 1 of the Honest Trailers, I bring you Episode 10: Paranormal Activity. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But I didn’t watch it either, so just let the man with the deep voice tell you about it in a sarcastic but honest manner.

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Twitter Numbers Update

How does time fly. It seems like just the other day I was putting the numbers up for April, and here we are, halfway through May. So the last few weeks have been very good for me on Twitter. I have gained a lot of followers and I’m getting a lot more interactions with people. As of May 17th 2019 I am following 5320 people, and I have 4842 followers.

As you can see the big improvement, or actually the big news, would be the fact that I am now able to follow more than 5000 people. I guess when I got to 4800 followers they decided to relax my limits a bit. So I am no longer a noob. Moving up in the world.

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