My new gun: S&W Model 686, .357 Magnum, 4″ barrel

Isn’t it beautiful ??

Smith & Wesson Model 686, .357 Magnum, 4 inch barrel.

I will have to get some pimp grips for it. Like fancy wood or ivory.  Mods are definitely coming.  This is a K-frame model 66 in stainless steel.  Thus the 686 instead of the regular 66.

Why a revolver, you ask ??

  • Reliability – less moving parts, NO spring loaded ammunition.  That means you can load it, leave it in your car for 10 years, and if the need every came up, pull it out and use it.  Most semi-automatics have spring loaded magazines, and with a fully loaded click, the spring will wear out, and it may fail or break.
  • Power – not much you can put up against that.  The .357 Magnum round was made to provide more power then the .38 Special.  And there is no substitution for stopping power.
  • Investment – Yes.  You read that correctly.  I invested in this revolver.  Over the last few years, I have noticed the dramatic increase in gun prices.  This is especially true of revolvers.  Even used brand name revolvers hold their value, and provide a much greater resale value to the owner.  I thought….  guns…..  money…. investments…..   why not ?  I may have to sell it at a later time, it would be nice to make a little profit in the process.  I like profit.
  • Prestige points / Pimp factor – this one is self explanatory.  How it feels in your hand.  How much noise it makes when you pull the trigger.    Dreamy.

Ammo difference

Link to S&W