The best of Twitter (today)

First, the two stoner hamsters.  Always nice to see from our smaller brothers.

And then there is this little Japanese girl that sketched an outline of her cat. And BOTH of their facial expressions are PRICELESS.


Twitter Campaign – Comic Book Giveaway

First, a quick update on my Twitter campaign: as of 8/1/18 I am following 4016 people, and I have 249 followers. That means that since the last reporting date of July 26th, which is less then a week ago, I have more then doubled the number of followers. You can visit my Twitter Project page and see the numbers.

Now on to new business. After deliberate searching, I have decided to run a giveaway on Twitter, to attract more followers. And I plan to use the current trend of Marvel Universe popularity for that purpose. I went through my comic book collection and picked out something that might be interesting for the fans of the upcoming “Venom” movie release. Feast your eyes on Nikki Doyle. The Wild Thing. Hopefully giving away some quality free stuff will bring me more followers. I guess we will see.


Grow Journal: “”Blueberry Cough” – Day 61 of Flowering

Day 61 for “Blueberry Cough” and “Channel” Twin #2. The Clone is on day 48 of flowering. Not much going on in the tent. The flush has been started. Plants are getting washed out. We are 9 days away from our target harvest date of 70 days. Looking very well. The nugs on the “Channel” Twin are a lot smaller, but I think a lot more dense then the other seed that I just harvested, the one that’s getting cured right now. Video is coming shortly. I found some interesting guys from the UK. Kind of like me, guerrilla-style growing cannabis. So I’m going to have to give a shout out to them sometime in the videos.


Grow Journal: “Channel” – Starting the Curing Process

Starting the Curing process for “Channel” that was harvested 4 days ago.

#weed #marijuana #HomeGrown #IAmCannabis #StonerFam #cure

Just wanted to share the awesome news. The curing process for my baby girl Chanel has started. She went into the jar this afternoon. 4 weeks from now should be perfect. The video is uploading right now, I will update this post with the link to a video as soon as it’s up and running.


Friday Night Blessings

Another weak put away. The weekend is here, it’s time to relax, and chill the fuck out. If you got some joints lined up, now is the time to spark them up. if you don’t have any weed, now is the time to go get some. Seriously people. Some of you are so tense that you really really need to smoke some weed and calm down. Happy Friday! Enjoy yourself. And #StayLifted.

Tweeting Like Crazy


I went a little overboard with my whole “get more twitter followers” plan, and Twitter blocked my account for three days. Now that its back, I’m super excited. Found some awesome stuff.