Grow Journal: “Channel” – Day 59

July 8, 2018 – SundayDay 59 of flowering for “Channel“.

“Channel” Day 59 of flowering

“Channel” Day 59 of flowering

“Channel” Day 59 of flowering

“Channel” Day 59 of flowering

“Channel” Day 59 of flowering

“Channel” Day 59 of flowering

“Channel” Day 59 of flowering

“Channel” Day 59 of flowering

The the big news of the day: installation of the spreader bars. I had to put in a couple of wooden bars to keep my top beams from coming together and messing up with my light positioning. Baby Girl seems to be doing great, I’m starting to see a lot of orange hairs. I’m going to wait a couple of more days and instead of the next feeding, start to flush, three days from now.


Grow Journal: “Channel” Clone – Day 30 of Flowering

Day 30 of flowering for this
Day 30 of flowering for this “Channel” clone.

July 7, 2018 – Saturday – Day 30 of flowering for this “Channelclone. I do not know if I have mentioned it before, but this is the very first successful clone that I’ve produced. I had seven or eight tries at cloning before I had a successful root pop out. So naturally, I was very excited about growing it out, and flowering it, and trying it out.

Day 30 of flowering for this
Day 30 of flowering for this “Channel” clone.

It is day 30 of flowering, so the buds are just now starting to fatten up and grow in size. It is very exciting to watch. They are gonna love the extra light that I put in there today. 50% more light should be very noticible.

Grow Journal: “Blueberry Cough” – Day 43 of Flowering

Blueberry Cough tri leaf, or
Blueberry Cough tri leaf, or “The Mutant”, is on day 43 of flowering.

July 7, 2018, Saturday – Day 43 of flowering for the Blueberry Cough Mutant. The buds are starting to fill in a little bit. I can see a lot of crystals on the buds and leafs around them. she’s totally done stretching, at least I hope she is, being all tied down and twisted up like that.

“The Mutant” entangled in the SCROG net. Keeping it level headed.

I do like the fact that the SCROG net is keeping the canopy leveled. I can clean up everything (remove the foliage and other small growth) below the canopy level, and not worry about excessive growth on the bottom that’s not getting any light but taking away the nutrients. This way, all the nutrients and the energy of the plans goes to the top which is now leveled.

Just added 50% more light output to the flowering area, so we should get some positive results.

Grow Journal: “Channel” – Day 58 of Flowering

July 7, 2018, SaturdayDay 58 of flowering, (day 102 overall) of my champion “Channel“.

The big news: I have increased the light output in the flowering tent by 50%. That’s right, you heard me right. I have added two more LED panels to my existing four, bringing the total number of panels to 6 , and an approximate number of a equivalent wattage to around 750.

My “Guerilla Grow Space”

More light means more yields, but it also means more nutrient consumption. I will have to keep a close look and how my girls absorb nutrients. With the increase in light, they might increase the food intake as well. I currently feed every 3 days, I might have to do every 2 days if they’re starving.

My First Attempts at YouTubing

"Channel" Day 55 of Floweri
In honor of the launch of my YouTube channel: SovietStoner, I present to you “Channel” on Day 55 of flowering. Champion genetics at their finest.

#SovietStoner #YouTube #Cannabis #Weed #GrowJournal

Here is the real issue. I have been keeping a secret video log of my grow process, and it is starting to take up a lot of space on my hard drive. So, naturally, I turn to the video hosting giant YouTube for the solution. “And what is that solution you?” You ask. And I answer: I started a YouTube Channel. I’m going to post my Grow Journal there, and all the photos will be posted on this blog. So get ready for some eye candy.

I have adopted an alternate ego for my YouTube channel. So in the video world, I will be known as SovietStoner.

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