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Testing out YouTube video embedding on WordPress

I know you are all big fans of televised poker.  How can you not be.  Ever since they brought those hole card cameras to the final table, big poker tournaments became a spectator sport.  And I’m talking ESPN-grade, prime time for the Main Event, with ridiculously expensive broadcasting rights kind of spectator sport.  I will occasionally post some links to poker videos on YouTube, so I wanted to see how it will look on a post.

Here is an episode of the World Poker Tour from 2011 that I have uploaded to YouTube.  Click Here to view this and other WPT episodes on YouTube.

Jen Psaki is on CNN

This is truly terrible. Jennifer Psaki, the former spokesperson for the US State Department is now an “expert” on CNN. This is the same woman that never had any clue of what was going on. She always had to check with the office. I knew she was worthless when she threatened to land the 6th fleet on the coast of Belarus. (In case you do not know, Belarus is a small, land-locked country in the Eastern Europe.  It has no access to the coast.).

And now this “victim of the American education system” is offering up “expert” opinions on a national news network.  Geez, CNN. How low can you sink?  Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.