Truth through music: Kate Tempest – Europe is Lost

I love this girl. She speaks the truth in her tracks. Although this is purely British, with the accent than all, she reminds me of Immortal Technique. If you enjoyed this track, check out Revolutionary. Vol 2 by Immortal Technique. Bringing you the truth in the form of Hip Hop.


Censorship in the Olympics

Freedom of speech you say? First Amendment you quote?? It’s all horse shit. I just learned that YouTube and Instagram have blocked the video of the Russian Olympic hockey team singing the national anthem (in the locker room!!) after winning the Gold medal in the 2018 Olympics. Talk about petty. Luckily other resources have picked up and redistributed the video.

And they say the internet is not censored. Yeah right.

P.S. Congratulations to the Russian Olympic Hockey team for taking the Gold. Attaboys !

Hoping for a Christmas Miracle

Merry Christmas everybody !!  Tis the Holiday season, and we are all hopeful of the upcoming year. I also have high hopes for this upcoming year 2018, so in hopes of spiritual cleansing and karmic uplifting I decided to salvage some seeds from my latest bag, and try to give them another life.  I get the top shelf shit, so it is very rare that I get any seeds at all. But this particular batch is a homegrown hybrid that my people in Michigan have developed, and I got to “beta test” it, so to speak.  This amazing new strain is called “Chem Dog 21” and I am convinced that it is a candidate for my top 5 strains. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and wishing for a #Christmas #Miracle.  

God bless you all.  Happy Holidays, and prosperity in the New Year!!