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Basics of a Cover Letter

Opening:  Write a personable, inviting opening paragraph that introduces you, notes how your skills are a perfect fit for the job, and displays your enthusiasm.

Hook:  Highlight your past achievements as they relate to the job you are applying for.

Skills:  Emphasize additional relevant skills, such as computer languages, licences and certifications.

Action:  Prompt the reader for further action, such as reading your resume.

Cannabis Strain Review: Death Stomper

This is another new crossbreed from the Michigan medicinal land. “Death Stomper” came about by crossing the award winning “Deathstar” with one of the early day Cannabis Cup winners “Champagne“. The result is an incredibly potent strain that brings the best of both worlds. Big, dense buds and large yields together with a sedating, mind numbing high are sure to make this celebrity child famous all on it’s own.

The flowers have great “bag appeal”. Buds are big and dense, and incredibly frosty. They are light green in color, with streaks of purple and orange.

Once you light up, you taste the forrest with all it’s sweet and piny and woody mixes.

Once you taste the forrest, it’s time to relax. And believe me, this offspring of the Evil Empire will put you on your ass. Perfect for people who have trouble sleeping, or relaxing in general.

I don’t know the exact THC and CBD content, but it is some potent stuff.




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Cannabis Strain Review: Grease Monkey

So about this Grease Monkey. I am not 100% sure what the origins of the genetics are on this particular one, I was not able to find it in any of the major seed banks. (Although I have to be honest with you I wasn’t looking very hard). I was first introduced to this particular strain by my Michigan connection, and immediately recognized a future or maybe even a past Cannabis Cup winner. (It would be awesome if it was like a 1990s Cannabis Cup winner).

The first thing you notice when you pick up a bag of this crazy chronic is the unique coloration. The color is very pale pinkish purple with some frosty tan hues. There are some very purple looking buds every now and again. And you can often find purple and pink and white mixed like a swirl. It’s crazy looking. Exotic even.

The second thing you notice is the very unique taste. Thin, fruity, almost sour like, and definitely one of a kind. Does not leave a nasty after taste like some of the other hybrids. (I’m assuming that it’s a hybrid because you get a very uplifting head high in addition to the body couch-lock buzz)

The last thing you notice is the incredibly strong buzz. The high is strong and almost narcotic. The effects are relaxing and very couch locking. Although creativity has been known to spike while smoking this incredible dank.

It also helps that this particular strain has an incredibly high THC and CBD levels. So yeah it gets you fucked up. For real! This is an excellent candidate for medicinal marijuana patients, and because of the high CBD content it is great for extracting oils and concentrates.

This particular strain is in my Top 5 for the best tasting list, and my Top 5 most potent list. And for good reasons. I am hoping to eventually get a clone from my Michigan people.

A Poem About Vladimir Putin

I don’t know who the author of this little “pearl”, but he may have been from the Ukraine region.  Probably Russian speaking Ukrainian.  As you know: It is all Putin’s fault.  His KGB training allows him to be everywhere at once.  He commands hoards of Buryatian armored cavalry scuba divers.  And is like a spider in his web, always having his “Hand of Kremlin” on the pulse.  I will try to translate each verse in the Quote section.

Стало страшно жить до жути:
Он повсюду – этот Путин!
Что в Кремле-то не сидится?
Бродит Путин вдоль границы,

Its awfully scary to live nowadays,        He is everywhere, this Putin !              Why can’t you just sit in Kremlin?    Putin is lurking along the border.

Месит дьявольское тесто
И захватов, и протестов.
Знает каждый первоклассник
– Это Путин на Донбассе

Mixing up his evil batter,                      from the raids and the protests.        Every kid knows from first class                -This is Putin in Donbass.

“Альфу” заманил в ловушку,
В Краматорске сжег “вертушку”,
А уже через мгновенье
Банкомат разбил у Бени.

Leads “Alpha” into an ambush,       Burns a chopper over Kramatorsk.    And seems like an instant later,       burns down one of Benya’s ATMs.

Он напал на телевышку,
На блок-пост привез покрышку.
Отбивал под Соледаром
Путин шесть атак недаром:

He treacherously attacks a TV tower, burns old tires to the block post.              At the same time near Soledar,         Putin defends six waves of attacks.

В шахте спрятан – Путин знал
– Оружейный арсенал!
Путин – в БТРе с “пушкой”.
Путин – в образе старушки

Hidden in the shaft – and Putin knew was a whole arsenal of small arms !!    Putin is in the “Armored Vehicle”.    Putin is in the form of an old lady

Борщ сварил сепаратистам,
А пельмени – террористам.
Путин – в маске. Путин – в каске.
Это он сгущает краски!

He cooks borsch for  the separatists,  then cooks ravioli for the terrorists.  Putin in a mask. Putin in a helmet.  Putin is darkening the colors !

И по форме, и по сути
Среди нас он. Всюду – Путин.
Да и в их ряды, похоже,
Затесался Путин тоже.

And in form, and in essence              Walks among us.  Putin is everywhere And even in YOUR ranks, apparently, Putin was able to wedge in.

Путин закошмарил хунту
– Это ж он затеял бунты,
Все собой заплел как плющ
– Всемогущ и вездесущ.

Putin terrorizes the “Junta”                      –  It was him who started the coup. Binding everything like a deadly vine    – He is Everywhere and knows All.

Спать – нельзя . Сомкнешь ресницы
– Тут же Путин станет сниться.
Не сбежать. Повсюду – Путин.
Стало страшно жить до жути…

You can’t sleep!  If you shut your eyes     -Putin will come to you in your dream You can’t run. Putin is everywhere.      It’s awfully scary to live nowadays…

Strain Review: Cookies Kush

Ohh, you know how I really like tasty weed. Well this is definitely one for the tasty column. Introducing: Cookies Kush ! This delicious marijuana strain comes from crossing an award winning “Girl Scout Cookies” with an award winning “Rolex OG Kush“. The result is a hard hitting Indica with a great, sweet taste, and big dense buds.

I have to be honest, this is definitely in the top 5 on my Tastiest List. Don’t get me wrong, this is NO Blue Dream. But it’s pretty damn close.  This amazing strain is a true Indica.  It took 1st Prize Cannabis Cup HTCC 2014 in Amsterdam, so you know it is the cream of the crop.  It sports a fairly high 24% THC level, and a 1.2% CBD level, which makes it an ideal candidate for medicinal uses.

The flowers themselves have top shelf bag appeal. Buds are dense and coated with a generous layer of trichomes. The coloring is light green with traces of white and orange.  The taste is sweet, chocolaty with a small whiff of mint.

Available from Barneys Farm.

Monster of Maintenance

This is just a little poem I wrote while at work.  It is dedicated to one of my co-workers.  You know who you are.

“Monster of Maintenance”

Monster of Maintenance, fixing my shit.

Dusty and dirty and smelling of sweat.

Changing the door handle on second floor.

His sweaty forehead is touching the door.