Honest Trailers: Friday

Season 2 Episode 20 of the Honest Trailers brings us the classic stoner hit “Friday”. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker at their very best. (which is not much) So, if you love weed, and obscure 1990s references, you will absolutely love this parody. Cause, you know, its Friday, and you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got nothing to do….. so get high !!

Honest Trailers: Independence Day

This was one of the biggest blockbusters of the 1990s, and it made Will Smith into an A-List Hollywood actor. Season 2 Episode 3 of the Honest Trailers brings you “Independence Day”. Enjoy the Goldblum.

Honest Trailers: Jurassic Park

Ok, Jurassic Park was a HUGE hit when it came out, back in the 1990s. It set up a whole franchise of mediocre blockbusters, and entertained movie goers for decades. Episode 22 of Season 1 of Honest Trailers brings you this timeless classic.  Enjoy the Goldblum.