Let’s Paint Some Happy Little Trees with Bob Ross


If you love marijuana as much as I do, you are probably loving the huge amounts of memes that are floating around on the internet. We all know that cannabis promotes and facilitates creative desires, and it was just a matter of time before stoners started creating weed memes.

I’m pretty sure Bob Ross was a stoner.

Snoop Dogg is The King of Weed Memes

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It is 4:20, light up and celebrate your life. Put on some old school rap (some old Snoop Dogg would be very appropriate, although pretty much any West Coast will do), and bounce your head to the rhythm.

Cannabis Grow Journal: “White Widow” – Day 35 of Flowering

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Another quick update on the main flowering tent. The “White Widow”, “QPB” and “Channel” are all on day 35 of flowering, they are doing fantastic. The “Blue Dream” is on day 11 of flowering, and she comes with great big news: It’s a GIRL !!!  Sex is confirmed, she is a female. I see lots of little hairs popping out. I am very happy.  🙂

Grow Journal: “Blueberry Cough” – Day 58 of Flowering

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July 22nd, 2018 – Day 58 of flowering. Only 12 days away from my target date of 70 days. I think I will start the flush on both plants that are on day 58. Not today, obviously, but tomorrow. That way they get 11 days of nothing but tap water. That should flush out the root system very well.

In other news, I started doing the Closed Captions for my videos on YouTube. Apparently people with low or no hearing are interested in my videos. Maybe that will help a little bit with search engine optimization.

Grow Journal – “Channel” – Day 68 of Flowering

Countdown to harvest: 2 days left. I finally learned how to take photos in the dark. Update on the “Grease Monkey” that was topped a couple of days ago.

Grow Journal: “Channel” – Day 67 of Flowering

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July 16th, 2018 – Day 67 of flowering for “Channel” Twin #1. “Blueberry Cough” and “Channel” Twin #2 are on day 52 of flowering. The Clone is on day 39.  The Clone is BEASTING OUT. I am hoping for at least 2 ounces from her. 3 days until harvest for “Channel”. I can’t wait.  🙂

SovietStoner Presents: WeedNews

Weed News
Weed News

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-The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, or WSWA for short, has announced publicly its official shift in policy regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana. (Great News !) This is the first time that a major trade group has officially endorsed the legalization of marijuana. EVER ! The 370 companies that make up the group distribute to all 50 states, and account for more than 80% of the alcohol that is sold wholesale in the US, so it is a major player in the US alcohol market, and their opinions should not be taken lightly. The group calls on the federal government to respect the right of states to legalize cannabis, and advocates a strict regulatory framework. The trade group also noted that the legal marijuana Market generated more than 7 billion dollars of economic activity in 2016, and the market will only increase as more and more states legalize cannabis for medical or recreational uses. The group went on to compare the current marijuana laws to a century-old prohibition-era alcohol laws. This is awesome news for anyone in the cannabis industry. And even though the statement went on to say that some members of the alcohol industry see cannabis as a rival, and a “threat to their bottom line”, the overall acceptance the the marijuana legalization is very encouraging. (See the FULL STORY )

Federal legislation to decriminalize marijuana was introduced by Senator Chuck Shumer. The main focus of the bill is NOT to legalize weed on the national level, but rather to re-classify marijuana, and remove it from DEA’s Schedule 1 controlled substances list. This move would dramatically change the way federal prohibition laws are enforced. Additionally, the bill aims to do several other positive things for the cannabis industry. If passed into law, it would establish specific funds for marijuana businesses owned by women and business owners of color. It would set aside $750 million for highway safety programs and other public health projects. It would allow the Treasure Department to regulate certain aspects of advertising and marketing. And finally, it would set up $100 million in grants to help expunge criminal records of folks who have been convicted in the past for marijuana-related crimes. The bill co-sponsored by several senators, including senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, senator Tim Kaine from Virginia and senator Tammy Duckworty from Illinois. I guess they see the tax revenue flowing through Colorado, and decided that they want some too.   (see the FULL STORY )

-Israel is moving to decriminalize marijuana. The country’s legislative body, the Knesset, is voting on a bill that would replace jail time with a civil fine for marijuana possession. Multiple offenses will incur additional fines as well as community service. Fourth and subsequent violations will still be considered criminal offense, and will result in jail time. Although not perfect, this is a big step in the right directions. ( See the FULL STORY )

Top 5 Reasons Marijuana is Safer Then Other Legal Substances

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Here are my Top 5 reasons that I prefer marijuana to other legal substances. And when I say other legal substances, I mean alcohol and tobacco, as well as some strong prescription medication that seems to be available to everyone nowadays.

  1. No Overdoses – Seriously. NO cases of overdosing on marijuana has EVER been reported. Unlike the constant flow of news we hear about people overdosing on prescription meds and alcohol.
  2. Does not prompt violent behavior – This is something that is often overlooked, but it is an important part of the whole “drugs are bad” campaign. Unlike other drugs (or alcohol), weed does not prompt aggressive behavior. You never heard of any stoner getting blazed and beating his wife to death. Or smoking a joint and committing an armed robbery or assault. Pot smokers are known for their pacifism, and usually do not get into fights. The most damage a stoned person can do is destroy the leftovers of last nights dinner in the fridge. A condition often referred to as “The Munchies”.
  3. Does not increase the risk of a motor vehicle accident – I know some police officers might argue with me on this one, but the numbers do not lie. According the the Colorado’s Department of Motor Vehicles 2017 report, there were no noticeable changes in the amount of car crashes or accidents since the state has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes a few years ago. And speaking from personal experience, as a drivers that has been driving high for the last 20 years, I would say it is much safer then alcohol or any kind of prescription drugs.
  4. All natural with no additives – This is especially relevant in the recent years with the increase of use of synthetic drugs. Basically, I am all about transparency and open research, but when your drugs come in a form of a pill or tablet, you never really know what is in there. With cannabis it is simple, especially if you grow your own, you know exactly what went in there. And with the legalization of medicinal marijuana in my very own state of Ohio, you can be sure that the medicine you’re getting is of the highest quality.
  5. Known healing properties – After doing a little research on the internet, I found multiple accounts of people using cannabis extracts to treat medical conditions with even more success then the doctor prescribed medication.