Grow Journal: “Channel” – Day 58 of Flowering

July 7, 2018, SaturdayDay 58 of flowering, (day 102 overall) of my champion “Channel“.

The big news: I have increased the light output in the flowering tent by 50%. That’s right, you heard me right. I have added two more LED panels to my existing four, bringing the total number of panels to 6 , and an approximate number of a equivalent wattage to around 750.

My “Guerilla Grow Space”

More light means more yields, but it also means more nutrient consumption. I will have to keep a close look and how my girls absorb nutrients. With the increase in light, they might increase the food intake as well. I currently feed every 3 days, I might have to do every 2 days if they’re starving.


My First Attempts at YouTubing

"Channel" Day 55 of Floweri
In honor of the launch of my YouTube channel: SovietStoner, I present to you “Channel” on Day 55 of flowering. Champion genetics at their finest.

#SovietStoner #YouTube #Cannabis #Weed #GrowJournal

Here is the real issue. I have been keeping a secret video log of my grow process, and it is starting to take up a lot of space on my hard drive. So, naturally, I turn to the video hosting giant YouTube for the solution. “And what is that solution you?” You ask. And I answer: I started a YouTube Channel. I’m going to post my Grow Journal there, and all the photos will be posted on this blog. So get ready for some eye candy.

I have adopted an alternate ego for my YouTube channel. So in the video world, I will be known as SovietStoner.

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