Flipping to Flower Mode

The Vegging Section (White Widow)
The Vegging Section (White Widow)

My girls are over growing the vegetative section of my tent, so I am flipping them to flowering mode. I have two White Widows and two Blue Dreams going into the flowering today. Today is day zero, stay tuned for more updates.


Another Update on my mini SCROG

Baby girl is getting a bit of trim, yeah. She is on day 14 of flowering, and almost done, (or I hope she is done) stretching. Good bud development. This particular cannabis strain has “Big Bud” in its genes, so it tends to spread out.

Grow Journal: “Channel” – Day 62 of Flowering

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“Channel” on day 62 of flowering
“Channel” on day 62 of flowering

July 10th, 2018 – Day 62 of flowering for “Channel”. Started the flush today. By my calculations, she’s about 8 days away from being perfectly ready. So she gets nothing but plain tap water from now on. Not even gonna pH it down.


Grow Journal: “Channel” – Day 61 of Flowering

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July 10th, 2018 – Day 61 of flowering for my girl “Channel”. Once again, I am having impure thoughts about her. No really. I am thinking about chopping her down early…..