Honest Trailers: Captain America: The First Avenger

Setting up “The Avengers”, is “Captain America: The First Avenger”, and Episode 26 of Season 2 of the Honest Trailers is all about the Cap. I especially love the “lever-pulling”, “switch-flipping”, “dial-turning” and “button-pressing”.

Honest Trailers: Thor

If it wasn’t for Natalie Portman, this movie would be alright. But she ruined it. 😦  Episode 15 of Season 2 of the Honest Trailers brings us the first installment of the Thor franchise.

Honest Trailers: The Avengers

Whoa ! How dare they defile the holy blockbuster. The movie is one of the biggest grossing films in history, but they still managed to make it super funny. Honest Trailers brings you Episode 8 of Season 1: The Avengers.

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