Cannabis Stocks Are on the Rise

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It is very pleasant to see that my investment in Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) was a wise decision back in the day. While looking over the financial market news I was pleasantly surprised to see my stock mentioned in the “Ones To Watch” by Investopedia (which by itself is something special). It was accompanied by Cronos Group Inc. (CRON), Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC) and a whole slew of pharmaceutical companies that are scattering to cash in on the Big Green Rush.


Weed News: Mid-May 2019

Weed News

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Welcome back to another installment of the #WeedNews. I went ahead and titled it May of 2019, but I may end up putting another post up about it before the end of the month. There has been a lot of development in the Cannabis World, especially around the United States. And there’s a lot of ground I wanted to cover. So we will say that this is for the first half of the month of May, 2019. Although it is a couple of days early before the actual mid month, I am going to go ahead and give you all the important information for the first couple of weeks.

First, on the federal level: Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer joined forces with the New York representative Hakeem Jeffries to put forth the second decriminalization bill in 2 years. At the heart of the bill would be the rescheduling of cannabis so the drug is no longer included on the federal list of controlled substances. That will allow States a lot more freedom in crafting their own legislation around marijuana. That will also alleviate some of the worries of current cannabis providers and users that they could be subject to Federal prosecution down the line for their connection to the plant. Of course the marijuana freedom and opportunity act does not legalize cannabis. Instead it allows those decisions to happen in state capitals across the country. Basically what they’re doing is letting every state decide what they want to do when it comes to cannabis. (You can find the full story if you CLICK HERE)

In Alabama, medical marijuana bill approved by the Senate. This legislation follows a movement in the State’s recent general attitude shift towards cannabis. In April, the sheriff of Alabama’s most populous county announced it would no longer be arresting people for non-violent misdemeanors, including small-scale marijuana possessions. Alabama is joining the list of the states across the US that is taking a huge load off of their Police Departments by decriminalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis. (Full Story)

And a huge story from Denver, Colorado. Without much noise the Denver legislative body passed an initiative to decriminalize the use and possession of psilocybin mushrooms. It’s not exactly cannabis, but hallucinogenic mushrooms are okay in my book. (Full Story)

Weed News – End of July 2018

A quick review of the cannabis legalization efforts around the globe.

Seriously, we are two days away from August, and I couldn’t really put this News segment in the August section because it’s happening now. But I didn’t really want to put it into the July section either, because obviously we’re at the end of July anyway. So… end of July Weed News with SovietStoner. Here we go.

Our first big news story comes to us from Georgia. And not the state of Georgia. The country of Georgia. The one over there, that used to be part of the Soviet Union. But is now an independent country. Georgian Constitutional Court ruled that cannabis consumption is not a threat to public health and safety. (No shit !!)  But rather a responsibility of the user who has to live with the consequences of their actions. (the use of cannabis). So that is a major step for a former Soviet Union country in the legalization of cannabis. Soviet Union, and Russian speaking countries, we’re fairly strict when it comes to penalties for possession and paraphernalia. Their judiciary system awards larger fines and sentences, then we are probably comfortable with. And seeing a country legalized marijuana is great news for cannabis users worldwide. Georgia is a beautiful country. With excellent and unique cuisine, and especially great wine. If you are a cannabis tourist, you know what I mean, you should consider visiting Georgia. Now that there is no danger of going to jail for having a couple of joints on you. Read the Full Story.

In the United States, there’s also some good legalization news. In Oklahoma the marijuana advocacy group Green the Vote got enough signatures to put legalization on the ballot. Oklahoma voters approved State Question 788, legalizing cannabis for medical use, about a month ago. But there was some problems with the wording of the language, and there was some opposition or restrictions imposed by the government that were not satisfactory to most people. Like there was a clause in there that you couldn’t smoke the flower. It had to be vaped if it was considered for medical use. Something similar is going on in Ohio right now. As a result the petition was circulated to put a simple question on a ballot regarding the legal adult use of cannabis, for the November elections. The group announced that it collected the necessary signatures, but they were still needed to be verified. So whenever that happens, there might be or there might not be question on the ballot of the November elections in Oklahoma. Hopefully it all gets sorted out and people in Oklahoma can blaze up. Legally. The full story is HERE.

Also great news from Pennsylvania. Democratic State Republican Jake Wheatley is planning to introduce a bill to legalize the adult use of cannabis. In his press release, the representative calls for the abandonment of the “ugly stigma of cannabis”. (probably because he smokes himself, and he knows what’s up.) He also wants Pennsylvania to take some of the economic advantages of the legalized cannabis market. Obviously, it’s all about the fucking money. But you can still be happy that people won’t be going to prison for smoking weed. See the Full Story.

And on the Federal level, a new bill is introduced to protect the employment of federal government employees who are legal marijuana consumers. (according to their state laws). Under the current policies, a federal worker who tests positive for cannabis can still be fired, even though most of the states have legalized marijuana for medical reasons. The bill would protect all civilian federal agency employees, except those with a top secret security clearance. And it does not give the the right to be high at work. Still good news though. Read about it. 

SovietStoner Presents: WeedNews

Weed News
Weed News

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-The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, or WSWA for short, has announced publicly its official shift in policy regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana. (Great News !) This is the first time that a major trade group has officially endorsed the legalization of marijuana. EVER ! The 370 companies that make up the group distribute to all 50 states, and account for more than 80% of the alcohol that is sold wholesale in the US, so it is a major player in the US alcohol market, and their opinions should not be taken lightly. The group calls on the federal government to respect the right of states to legalize cannabis, and advocates a strict regulatory framework. The trade group also noted that the legal marijuana Market generated more than 7 billion dollars of economic activity in 2016, and the market will only increase as more and more states legalize cannabis for medical or recreational uses. The group went on to compare the current marijuana laws to a century-old prohibition-era alcohol laws. This is awesome news for anyone in the cannabis industry. And even though the statement went on to say that some members of the alcohol industry see cannabis as a rival, and a “threat to their bottom line”, the overall acceptance the the marijuana legalization is very encouraging. (See the FULL STORY )

Federal legislation to decriminalize marijuana was introduced by Senator Chuck Shumer. The main focus of the bill is NOT to legalize weed on the national level, but rather to re-classify marijuana, and remove it from DEA’s Schedule 1 controlled substances list. This move would dramatically change the way federal prohibition laws are enforced. Additionally, the bill aims to do several other positive things for the cannabis industry. If passed into law, it would establish specific funds for marijuana businesses owned by women and business owners of color. It would set aside $750 million for highway safety programs and other public health projects. It would allow the Treasure Department to regulate certain aspects of advertising and marketing. And finally, it would set up $100 million in grants to help expunge criminal records of folks who have been convicted in the past for marijuana-related crimes. The bill co-sponsored by several senators, including senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, senator Tim Kaine from Virginia and senator Tammy Duckworty from Illinois. I guess they see the tax revenue flowing through Colorado, and decided that they want some too.   (see the FULL STORY )

-Israel is moving to decriminalize marijuana. The country’s legislative body, the Knesset, is voting on a bill that would replace jail time with a civil fine for marijuana possession. Multiple offenses will incur additional fines as well as community service. Fourth and subsequent violations will still be considered criminal offense, and will result in jail time. Although not perfect, this is a big step in the right directions. ( See the FULL STORY )