Old School Techno: Lagoona – The Journey

This is not an official music video. These guys burst onto the internet techno music scene back in 1996, and they were the pioneers in the digital music revolution.  LOL  Remember Napster ??  Yeah, its that old. Lagoona had several sick tracks. Here is a small selection of the very best.


One Hit Wonders: Kris Kross – Jump

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This is over 20 years old, and we are still jumping to it. That’s how you know that it is a Hit. Remember that episode of Sopranos? It’s either a hit, or not. And this is definitely a hit.

Blast From The Past : Snow – Informer

Wow.  Talk about bringing back some memories. This track was all over the PPV Music Videos channels in Los Angeles.  I first came to this country at the end of 1991, and I was just 12 years old, and just learning to speak English when this song came out.  I was in LA, and Hip Hop was hopping in the California in the 1990s.

Years went by, and I completely forgot about it, but then I downloaded a “Mix for Your Ride #31”, by this Russian DJ, DJ Farta. And one of the tracks was Informer, by Snow.  So naturally, I had to throw that into my collection.  For the old times sake.  Old school.