LAGOONA – Touch My Heart

#OldSchool #Techno #Trance #LAGOONA #electronic #music #SovietStoner

You know me guys. I only bring you the best. And yes, although this is still LAGOONA, this is their last album. There are several remixes on this album, so I don’t know if I will be including those.

More Trance from the 1990s: LAGOONA – Show Me

OK, so I found a couple of old mp3 backup disks with a lot of great music on them.  So…. It all started with a little PPK, but that shit was copyrighted, so I went through and dug up some stuff that was in common domain. And YES, they did make good music back in the day and didn’t try to get paid right away. Anyway, after a brief search on YouTube, I did not find much of their stuff, so I am going to fill the void. All puns intended.  LOL

#Trance #Techno #music #electronic #LAGOONA #OldSchool