Honest Trailers: Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn

Apparently, “Mouth-Breather” and “Shovel-Face” were way too popular with the teenage girls, because they made so many of these fucking movies. I bring you Season 1 Episode 20 of the Honest Trailers: Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Honest Trailers – Twilight 3: Eclipse

Season 1 Episode 13 of Honest Trailers goes right back to the Twilight series. No, seriously. It was THAT bad. The stares alone…


Honest Trailers – Twilight 2: New Moon

Geez, apparently those Twilight movies were really bad, because this is the second Honest Trailer in the FIRST SEASON !!  Season 1 Episode 12: Twilight 2: New Moon

See the whole first season HERE.

Honest Trailers: Twilight

Okay, this one is tough. I never watched a single movie from the Twilight series, cause you know, I’m not a teenage girl. So I can’t exactly be objective on this. but the movies do suck, so it is definitely a very appropriate, honest review.