Cannabis Grow Journal: “White Widow” – day 71

“Quebec Purple Bud” after harvest

It it is the 71 of flowering for “White Widow”, “QPB” and the “Channel”. The big news, the qpb was harvested. I decided to cut her down a little bit early, because the leaves were yellowing and she looked like she was ready. I have been flushing her for over a week, so she should be good to go.

“White Widow” on day 71 of flowering

Thethe “White Widow” and the “Channel” are now being flushed. They should be ready to go in about a week or so.


LAGOONA – Raze Maz

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More… I WANT MORE !!!

Cannabis Grow Journal: “Channel” Clone – Harvest and Trim

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This is the video that we have been waiting on for over two months. 78 days just of flowering time !! And now, here it is.  The long awaited HARVEST, and trimming while I’m at it. Seriously, don’t wait. You’ve wanted to see how a cannabis plant is harvested, and trimmed, so go watch the video.

More Trance from the 1990s: LAGOONA – Show Me

OK, so I found a couple of old mp3 backup disks with a lot of great music on them.  So…. It all started with a little PPK, but that shit was copyrighted, so I went through and dug up some stuff that was in common domain. And YES, they did make good music back in the day and didn’t try to get paid right away. Anyway, after a brief search on YouTube, I did not find much of their stuff, so I am going to fill the void. All puns intended.  LOL

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Cannabis Grow Journal – “Blueberry Cough” – Harvest and Trim

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Please excuse the two part series. The phone died half way through the video.


Grow Journal : “Blueberry Cough” – Day 64 of Flowering

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Day 64 of flowering for “Blueberry Cough” and “Channel” Twin #2. Both are getting properly flushed right now. Less then a week to go until the target harvest date. The “Channel” Clone is on day 51 of flowering. So, yeah. Getting up there. Less then 3 weeks for the clone.

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