Honest Trailers: The Dark Knight

I love Batman. Nolan’s Batman especially. The Dark Knight showed the best Joker in Heath Ledger. I don’t know if he can be outdone. But seriously, this movie is great. Even with some far stretched comic book concepts.

This is Season 1 Episode 6 of the Honest Trailers. See all the episodes on my HONEST TRAILER PAGE.


Honest Trailers: Avatar

Avatar is one of my favorite movies, and this honest trailer is a bit too honest. But I will have to admit, it is freaking hilarious. So, James Cameron gets a pass and everyone else gets pardons. Gotta love the side bloob.

This is Season 1 Episode 5 of Honest Trailers. Visit my Honest Trailer Page to see the whole season.

Honest Trailers: Titanic

Everyone had to sit through this one once or twice, because its very romantic. So pretty much everyone will appreciate the BRUTAL HONESTY in this trailer. This is Season 1 Episode 3 of the Honest Trailers, The Titanic.  Enjoy.   🙂

Honest Trailers: Twilight

Okay, this one is tough. I never watched a single movie from the Twilight series, cause you know, I’m not a teenage girl. So I can’t exactly be objective on this. but the movies do suck, so it is definitely a very appropriate, honest review.

Honest Trailers: Star Wars – Episode 1 Phanton Menace 3D

I really love the Star Wars, and Episode 1 was definitely a let down for me personally. So yeah, I totally agree with the guys at Screen Junkies. Enjoy the movie trailer parody in 3D !!!

This is Honest Trailers‘ very first episode. Season 1 Episode 1.