Get More Twitter Followers

This page is dedicated to tracking my Twitter progress. I wanted to know how to get more Twitter followers, so I searched around the web for useful bits of information on the subject. Apparently, there are a lot of people out there that want to know how to get more Twitter followers. And I am here to help.

I have decided to grow my number of Twitter followers to 100,000. I realize it will take me many baby steps, so I will keep track of my progress. Rules: All my Twitter growth must come naturally, without ANY kind of monetary exchange. That means I will not pay to get more Twitter followers! It will happen naturally. Absolutely FREE.

Date #Following #Followers
7/15/18 906 21
7/23/18 2878 83
7/26/18 3155 123
8/01/18 4016 249
8/19/18 2865 600
9/01/18 4311 1159
9/21/18 4200 2608
3/14/19 4880 4593
4/26/19 4959 4728
5/17/19 5320 4842